School hours


Class times

Buderim Mountain State School operates classes from 8:50 am until 3:00 pm, with the administration office open from 8:00 am until 3:45 pm. The bell times are as follows:

08.50 am - 10.55 am    2hr 5min (class time)       

10.55 am - 11.35 am    40min (1st Break)

11.35 am - 1.40 pm      2hr 5min (class time)

1.40 pm - 2.20 pm        40min (2nd Break)

2.20 pm - 3.00 pm         40min (class time)

If students need to arrive at school before 8:30 am or cannot make their way home at 3:00 pm, we recommend our Out of School Hours Care facility (OSHC). For more information about OSHC visit our facilities page here or head to to register your interest.

At the end of the school day, children who travel on school transport services are supervised until moving to the bus shelter.

Parents who collect students in a private vehicle are asked that students are not left to wait for long periods after dismissal time. They are also reminded to escort their children from the school gate to the car, particularly for children in the lower grades. Prep students must be collected from their classrooms.

Assembly (Sharing Parade)

Parents are encouraged to attend their child’s Sharing Parade at the school hall. At the parade schools news, general notices and class items are discussed, and student’s achievement awards are also delivered.

Sharing Parade weekly schedule

Prep and year 1: Tuesday 2.20pm

Year 2: Wednesday 2.20pm

Year 3 and 4: Thursday 2.20pm

Year 5 and 6: Friday 2.20pm

Arrival at School 

Students should not arrive at school before 8:30am. If students must arrive prior to 8.30am we recommend our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) facility 0427 204 366 as students can be fully supervised until the 8.50am bell rings.

Some classrooms open at 8.30am to allow students to prepare for the day, work with the class teacher or play quiet games with their classmates prior to the school day beginning.

Departure from School

School is dismissed at 3.00pm. Once dismissed, students are to proceed home. Children who travel on school transport services wait in the bus line in the Senior Undercover Area (under supervision) until moving to the bus shelter. 

Parents who collect students each afternoon in private vehicles are asked to ensure that the students are not left to wait for long periods after dismissal time.

Parents are also asked to observe safety regulations with regard to parking vehicles and to ensure the services of the Crossing Supervisor and pedestrian crossings are used. Parents are to collect their children from the school gate and escort them to the car, especially children in Years 1 to 3. Prep students are to be collected from their classrooms.

Compulsory attendance

Regular attendance is necessary for satisfactory progress to be made. Therefore, parents must assume the responsibility for the regular attendance of their children. Students must arrive at their classroom before the first bell at 8.45am.


Parents are required to provide a note of explanation regarding a child's absence from school. After the third day of absence without explanation, an Absentee Form may be forwarded to parents requesting the reason for the pupil's absence.

A written explanation should be sent with the child on his/her return to school after absence, including the reason for absence. After an absence of three days, and if the absence is likely to be longer, send a note to the teacher, or phone the school office on (07) 5477 2777 or phone the Student Absentee Line (07) 5477 2760.

Last reviewed 15 October 2019
Last updated 15 October 2019