Buderim Mountain State School endeavours to provide a variety of extra-curricular activities to suit the needs of all students, and make the most of our school’s resources and facilities.

All of the activities listed on this page are conducted by external specialised suppliers and occur outside of school hours, with some of them incurring a small fee.

Parental supervision for the activities is encouraged, particularly for younger students who will need to be picked up from their classrooms and walked to the activity.

Additional information for any of these programs can be made through the administration office.

Children’s yoga

Operated by a fully-qualified and experienced yoga instructor, these 45 minute sessions help children to develop body awareness, learn stress management techniques, improve their concentration and provide an opportunity to strengthen and stretch their bodies. Yoga lessons do incur a fee per term.

After school art class

Providing an additional creative outlet for students, this 60 minute class gives children an alternative way to develop their creativity, imagination, fine motor skills and self-expression. The act of visually learning and creating is also important to visual-spatial skills, and American studies show that a correlation between young people who participate regularly in the arts are more likely to be recognised for academic achievement than those who do not. Art classes are paid upfront for the entire term and include all equipment and art supplies.

After school tutoring

This is a free program for students in the school who have been identified by teachers as needing extra support. In this instance, the child will receive an invitation from the school to attend the tutoring and then receive personalised one-on-one time with a Teacher Aide to develop the student’s specific area of attention.

Music Bus

The Music Bus is a one-stop musical education experience that brings the classroom, teacher and instruments into schools throughout Australia. It is an actual bus that comes onto the school grounds, offering weekly 30 minute modern and rock-style courses in keyboard, drums, guitar, ukulele and rock band.  While Buderim Mountain State School students already receive a 30 minute music lesson as part of the school curriculum, this is an opportunity to further develop and explore children’s passion for music at a low cost.

Tennis Coaching

Held on the school’s own two tennis courts, and run by professional tennis coaches on a Tuesday and Thursday morning before school, this is an opportunity for young tennis enthusiasts to further interact with the sport without the need for parents to shuttle children between school and lessons. Tennis coaching is available to all students from prep to year 6.


Children in prep to year 6 are invited to play with the Buderim Firebirds netball team. Training takes place on our school netball courts, however most competitions take place on Saturdays off-site. For more information visit the Buderim Firebirds website or contact the school administration office.


Providing an opportunity for boys and girls to learn all the basics of Australian Football, Auskick is also helping children to develop their motor skills and learn team skills. Each year, AFL development officers come to Buderim Mountain State School to work with select students over the course of 8 weeks. More information about Auskick can be found on the AFL website.


This popular Queensland Rugby Union program allows primary school-aged boys and girls to work with professional coaches to develop their rugby skills after school hours. Participant age groups are 5-7 years (Little Legends), 8-9 years (Junior Champs) and 10-11 years of age (Future Stars). All training sessions take place on our own school oval. To register phone 1300 753 733 or visit the Rookies2Reds website.

Walk-to-school Wednesdays

Once a week, students of Buderim Mountain State School are invited to participate in a group walk to school event, run in collaboration with the Buderim Police Beat, the Lion’s Club and Heritage Bank. Participants meet in a central location and then walk together as a group, enabling community connection, promoting physical activity and also providing an opportunity for children to save money, with the Heritage Bank offering children a $1 reward per walk, which is deposited into the child’s savings account after ten walks.

Breakfast Club

Our school Chaplain, Chappy Dave, works with local community members to provide a weekly breakfast program at no cost,  available to all school students from 8am every Monday. Minimal supervision is provided, and parents are not required to attend.

Last reviewed 15 October 2019
Last updated 15 October 2019