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Buderim badges and awards

In recognition of our students’ successes and participation in both class and extracurricular activities, and to continue to inspire them to work to the best of their ability, we like to reward students with either a cumulative award or a Buderim badge. These awards are presented at each year level’s parade (assembly), and we encourage parents of recipients to attend. Year parades are held on the following weekly schedule:
Prep and year 1: Tuesday 2:20 pm
Year 2: Wednesday 2:30 pm
Year 3 and 4: Thursday 2:20 pm
Year 5 and 6: Friday 2:30 pm
Cumulative Awards:
Achievement awards are presented to students each week for a range of accomplishments such as respectful manners, high work effort, and excellent academic results. When a student receives three achievement awards (they do not need to be received in the same year), they can submit their awards and be presented with a Principal’s Award. Once a student has received three Principal’s Awards they are eligible to receive a Buderim Banner. A Medallion is earned by students who have received two banners. Principal’s Awards, Banners and Medallions are all presented in week 5 and 10 of each term.
Buderim Badges:
Buderim Badges are presented as a patch to be sewn onto a student’s school jacket or shirt, and are given as five categories:
Academic excellence badges are awarded when a child receives four A’s (or ‘very high’ gradings) on a report card for any of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technology or Japanese.
Effort badges are awarded when a student receives five ‘very high’ (prep-year 2) or ‘excellent’ (year 3-6) gradings on their report card in any subject.
Service badges are awarded for helping, leading or teaching others, such as in the library, or upon receipt of three certificates of attendance at either the ANZAC or Australia Day parades.
Sport badges are awarded for district, regional, state or national representation.
Cultural badges are awarded for representing the school in the areas of Arts and Humanities, such as orchestra or performing troupe.