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BMSS has been participating in the Regional OPTIMINDS Challenge for the last 16 years.

Students from Year 4, 5 and 6 have recently  competed in the Regional Optiminds Tournament that was held on Saturday26th August, 2017 @ Caloundra Christian College.

 Both our teams chose the Social Science Challenge, which saw them compete against each other on the day. The challenge was to discover if the tomato was a fruit or vegetable and solve the conflict that was happening between the fruits and the vegetables.
Team 1 linked their answer to the food pyramid and a very confused tomato decided that because he was red he may even be a meat!!! The judges enjoyed the humour, and the team received excellent feedback.
Team 2 saw a love story between Roma and Juliet Tomato. Feuding families, and Roma and Juliet not wanting to be a tragic love story, saw the script telling of tomatoes being a salad and the presentation ending in a song. Once again great feedback from the judges.
All students enjoyed the day and the entire experience of OPTIMINDS. Working in groups can have its challenges and some student were exposed to “real life” conflict when making decisions.
Congratulation to Team 1 who received HONORS (2nd Place) and the Spirit of Optiminds Awards.
The teams were
Team 1 –
Year 6                    Olivia W, Grace H, Brooklyn T
Year 5                    Amalie B, Georgia N, Kate M,
Year 4                    Alyssa P
Team 2 –
Year 5                    Georgia A, Ginger B, Carys E, Kayleigh M, Eadie O
Year 4                    Lochlan P,  Andrew R
Thank you to Mrs Sandi Wallace and Mrs Kellie Williams for all your guidance and training for our teams.